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Our Services

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AcousticSunset  is a variety band that performs mellow classics, pop, rock, classical, country, and tropical music for Special Events and Weddings. We always perform our music 100% live with no backing tracks. For spectacular views of your event, we can capture aerial drone photography & videography, since Robert is a FAA Licensed Remote Pilot.

Live Performance of Acoustic Sunset
(Janet & Robert) - Convention Music

Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront, Portland, OR
Live Performance of AcousticSunset (Trio)
Special Event Music

Marco Island Marriott Beach & Resort Hotel
Live Performance of Robert (Solo Guitar)
Wedding & Cocktail Music

Marco Island Marriott Beach & Resort Hotel
Extra DJ Work after Live Performance
Special Event Music

Worthington Golf & Country Club

Special Events

Janet and Robert Dillon will perform for many occasions: wedding ceremonies, receptions, conventions, corporate events, private parties, country clubs, grand openings, and concerts.

If you would like them to perform for your event, please fill in the Entertainment Form (Microsoft Word Doc or PDF) and email the completed form to bob@acousticsunset.com. They will get back with you regarding services, availability and compensation. You may also contact them at (541) 915-6995 (Naples, FL).


They love music, and know it means a lot to others too. By having us play during your special day, we aim to create the perfect atmosphere by performing the songs you love, in our relaxed style. Acoustic Sunset will provide a first-class service, and would love to play a part in your big day.

Wedding Ceremony

During the wedding ceremony, Robert performs classical and contemporary instrumentals selected from his diverse repertoire. The various music parts of the wedding ceremony:

Prelude Music ... is intended to entertain guests as they enter, are seated, and wait until the ceremony begins (normally 15-30 min of music).

Processional Music ... is played when the wedding party and bridesmaids make their grand entrance down the aisle. Following them is the featured instrumental for the "Walk of the Bride".

Interlude Music (optional) ... is chosen for key moments during the ceremony, such as the ring exchange, the breaking of the glass, or lighting of the unity candle(s), or as an actual component of the ceremony itself.

Recessional Music ... is the joyful or festive music played when the bride & groom, and wedding party walk back down the aisle.

Postlude Music (optional) ... is the lively & spirited music played as guests leave their seats.

Wedding Reception (cocktails and dinner music)

Janet and Robert will perform many beautifully arranged popular cover songs as shown on our "Songs" page.

Robert uses concert quality guitars in his performances and recordings, along with state-of-the-art amplification equipment for delivering studio-quality sound.

Concert quality guitars: Taylor model 914ce Grand Auditorium cutaway-electric (steel-string) guitar (yr. 2014), a Taylor model NS74ce Grand Auditorium cutaway-electric (nylon-string) guitar (yr. 2010), a Timberline model T70HGc Harp cutaway-electric (steel-string) guitar (yr. 2020), and a Traugott model R cutaway "custom-built" (steel-string) guitar (yr. 2000)

Amplification Equipment: Two Fishman SA220 Solo Performance Systems (220-Watts) networked together along with a Yamaha MSR100 monitor, Roland CUBE Street EX 2-Channel (50-Watts) Battery Powered Amplifier (only for outdoor events where there are no electrical outlets), Fishman Acoustic Matrix Active Undersaddle Pickup System, Sennheiser E945 Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone, and a Shure SM58S Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Special Sound Effects: Behringer German mixer, Fishman AFX Chorus Acoustic Effects Pedal, Fishman AFX Delay Acoustic Effects Pedal, and a TC-Helicon Harmony Singer 2 Effects Pedal

If you are interested in having them perform for your wedding, please fill in the Wedding Form (Microsoft Word Doc or PDF) and attach it in your email to bob@acousticsunset.com. The information you provide will be used to compile your tentative wedding program regarding, which will include services, availability and compensation. They may also be reached at (541) 915-6995 (Naples, FL).

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